Aug. 18th, 2013

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Why, why, why is it that after so long, there is still so little activity on Dreamwidth? I cannot believe that it's because Tumblr is the big thing now. Finding anything worthwhile to read is like dragging through sludge. It's boring and frustrating and I wish people would stop giving excuses as to why they don't want to pick up Dreamwidth.

"But no one else posts." - Someone has to take the first step, and keep going. It's like not wanting to go swimming in a pool because no one else is, so everyone's just standing around the pool, wanting to swim but they won't.

"The layouts suck." - There are newer, prettier ones! And instead of cheating and porting Livejournal styles, why not try learning Dreamwidth's coding?

Speaking of which, more communities should switch layouts instead of leaving it on the default.

"The site schemes are terrible." - Okay, I'll give them that one. Dreamwidth hasn't introduced new schemes in ages, even though it's one of the biggest gripes I've heard from people who don't want to join. It's almost funny that when asked what they want, the majority of people just say that they want Dreamwidth to look exactly like Livejournal before it bollocked up. And then they get angry at workarounds.

I want you to live, DW! Why won't you live!


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