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four years of complaints

Why, why, why is it that after so long, there is still so little activity on Dreamwidth? I cannot believe that it's because Tumblr is the big thing now. Finding anything worthwhile to read is like dragging through sludge. It's boring and frustrating and I wish people would stop giving excuses as to why they don't want to pick up Dreamwidth.

"But no one else posts." - Someone has to take the first step, and keep going. It's like not wanting to go swimming in a pool because no one else is, so everyone's just standing around the pool, wanting to swim but they won't.

"The layouts suck." - There are newer, prettier ones! And instead of cheating and porting Livejournal styles, why not try learning Dreamwidth's coding?

Speaking of which, more communities should switch layouts instead of leaving it on the default.

"The site schemes are terrible." - Okay, I'll give them that one. Dreamwidth hasn't introduced new schemes in ages, even though it's one of the biggest gripes I've heard from people who don't want to join. It's almost funny that when asked what they want, the majority of people just say that they want Dreamwidth to look exactly like Livejournal before it bollocked up. And then they get angry at workarounds.

I want you to live, DW! Why won't you live!
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Guess the honeymoon's over

Dreamwidth apparently got overzealous and deactivated active communities in their effort to stop the "username landgrab". (oops, twice)

There should have been a betting pool for when the first script-related administrative error came up...
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Minor log in attempt issue

I hope this is the right place to post this - it's not really that big of a deal but it's something that I noticed. I keep forgetting my password (my own fault I know - that's not the problem) and I have to reset it. However when I go to reset I get the warning about my IP address being blocked for repeated log in attempts.

I realize this is needed and important to have however there's no warning when I try to log in that my IP address will be blocked if I keep trying to log in more than X number of times. I'm not sure if this behavior (that there's no warning - not that I'm being blocked) is intentional or needed for some reason. I think it would be helpful to know how many times I can try a password before I'll be blocked. Especially since I'm sure I only tried logging in two or three times.
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Counter-Intuitive Crossposting

Cross-posting, while a great feature, seems counter intuitive. Why do I need to click a box for "Crosspost this Entry" if I then need to specify what journal(s) to crosspost to?

I see two alternatives:

1) (Preferred by me) Take the first box out. Crosspost to a journal if I select it.

2) Hide the list of journals until the crosspost option is checked, much like custom friends groups are hidden on LJ until the "Custom" security level is selected.
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stone casting: site icons

Posting, as promised, on behalf of [livejournal.com profile] miracled:

A thing that has always bothered me about livejournal and similar sites were the bulky square icons all over the site (examples to follow), and other icons that were pixelated and not as professional looking as some generally used sets available today. I'd love to see more crisp, professional, possibly even colorful icons like those available at http://www.pinvoke.com/ (Fugue Set) & http://www.famfamfam.com (Silk Set) used around the site. In fact, someone on my friendslist on LJ even wrote a Stylish code for Livejournal just to change all those, but it'd be great if they were standard for everyone and really gave DW a completely unique look to go with the fact so many features are unique!

Some examples of the icons in question:

If you want to see the sort of changes that I'm referring to in action, here is the original post that inspired the idea:

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Woe, for closed beta is not perfect! Oh Noes!

I know it's a bug, and I really appreciate the hard work that the folks behind the scenes are doing to fix it, but it really bothers me that I can't comment-reply from an email unless I've already logged into DeeWee. *woe is me* *woe woe* *the world is ending* /angst.
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The First Stone...

Well, someone's got to throw the first Stone... I guess it might as well...

Hmm. You know, I'm not entirely certain what the Jewish take on "sin" is. There are laws, and you can violate them, and I think that's considered (in some cases?) to be a sin. But I don't think it's looked on quite the same way as...

Oh, never mind.

In any case, I'm certainly not blameless or guiltless. I've made mistakes. I've done bad things. I've...

Never mind.

Still, here I am to cast the first Stone. Because, as mentioned, somebody has to do it. (Well, I guess not. In a way, it'd be nifty to have this place here and yet eternally empty because DW just rocks and what's not to like? But realistically... there will be Issues. And Stones.)

Actually, before I get to that, a quick announcement:

Between now and Open Beta only: If you have an OpenID account and want to post something here or in [community profile] dwrocks, leave it in a comment on one of my entries and I'll repost it for you. This is only for the duration of Closed Beta. After that, you'll have other options. For now, though, I think it's only right that you have a voice in these two comms.

That done, back to the business at hand. The first Stone.

So... You know what really irks me?

You know what I find so frustrating?

You want to know what I'm most disappointed about so far?

Do you?

Well, you're going to find out anyway.

For me, it's... The lack of posting. A couple of journal posts here and there. Some of the communities I watch slowly getting off the ground. But even so, the vast bulk of my Reading Page consists of brief introductory posts on [community profile] dreamchasers. Which are cool. I like getting to know people and it's fun seeing people come in and be excited and all. But... come on! I want some real content! I demand amusement! Dance for me, mortals!

Get off your lazy behinds and... uhm, that is... Get your lazy behinds onto whatever supportive surface is comfortable and/or convenient, and start typing up some real posts. Let's get the words flowing!

Yeah, okay. Not really technically a Stone. But it'll do for now. (And now there's a post here for you OpenID people to comment on, if you want.)