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Name:Dreamwidth Stones
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:Posting of things which are less than perfect about Dreamwidth
What's the biggest room in the world?

Room for improvement.

This community is the flipside of [community profile] dwrocks. The Yin to its Yang. In a way, it's also the flipside of [site community profile] dw_coolhunters.

This is not an official developer's community. If you need help with a technical issue, please visit the support page. For other avenues to official attention, you may also want to check out [site community profile] dw_coolhunters (for nifty things that may need facilitation) or [site community profile] dw_suggestions (for specific ideas on how to improve the site/service).

This is the place to post about Stones.

    What Are Stones?

  • Stones are not flames. In fact, a well-built campfire uses stones to contain flames.

  • Stones are things that trip you up when you're happily walking along. If Dreamwidth is what floats your boat (gently down the stream), Stones are the things in the bottom of the boat that keep it from floating quite as well as it otherwise would.

  • Stones can be made into construction material. Some more easily than others, of course.

  • Stones sometimes have bugs underneath them. But if you look under the Stone, you can sometimes find the bugs.

  • Stones should not be thrown. Especially not at anyone. But a thrown Stone can sometimes hit someone you didn't see or weren't aiming for.

  • It feels better when you get a Stone off your chest.

Okay, enough metaphor. Stones are things about the service that, to you, for whatever reason, don't work as well as they could. Things that keep you from (easily) doing what you want. Things you wish worked better or differently. Things that just make you less than happy.

This is the place to post about them. One of the places, anyway.

This is a place for general complaints. Not flames. Not attacks (personal or otherwise). But... stumbling blocks. Things that frustrate you. Things you wish were better.

Since there is a fine line between legitimate (and at least potentially constructive) complaints and flames, attacks, and trolling, this community will be moderated.
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