Shitposting in the living room

Feb. 19th, 2019 09:18 pm
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[extensive conversation apropos of which]
Me: I am, unfortunately, seeing a ghost cat (actual cat) wearing a Village People leatherman cop hat.
Some Random Housemate (okay there are only two to choose from): But wouldn't it be the sailor, [apropos of previous]?
Housemate 2: They have that song, In The Navy.
Me, singing: In the Navy, you can sail the seven bees, in the Navy...
[personal profile] silveradept, unhooking the headphones from their ears: I'm sorry, what?
Me, with the aggrieved aggression of a challenged shitposter: Well, how many bees do you think there are?!
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Darths and Droids is David "Irregular Webcomic" Morgan-Mar's retelling of the Star Wars movies as a roleplaying campaign. It's pretty funny, it's true to role-playing life, and it's been one of my favourite reads for years and years. From the FAQ: "Our GM is an easy-going guy who most of all wants his players to have fun. He's not straitjacketing them into his preconceived story; he gives them free rein to do pretty much anything they want, and then builds (more or less) logical consequences on top of that. He allows his players to improvise and invent some of the details of the setting, so long as they don't conflict too badly with what he'd originally planned, and that it can be worked into the story somehow." This lines up pretty well with my GM philosophy, so of course I'd like it. (DW feed: [syndicated profile] darths_and_droids_feed)

They ran out of Star Wars movies (1-6) awhile ago. Rather than start on 7-9 they're waiting until 9 is out, so he can craft a coherent narrative. So there was "that time we had a TPK, right before the last campaign" (Rogue One), and now they've sent half the party off to Chewbacca's home planet for the Holiday Special.

The other half have just shown up in... oh, just click the link.

This has absolutely made my morning.
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Blasphemous exclamations, I really hope I never have to move server hosts again. I think I've probably made every mistake and hit every possible stumbling block in this server transition so far. @_@ Importing email should not be as much of a pain in the ass as it is. I'm worried I might not be able to pull one of my hostees' old inbox contents off the old server. It keeps throwing up errors when I try. She has two inboxes on my server and the other one transferred just fine -- just the first one keeps telling me the files aren't there when I can see them and read them, right there. Just let me download them! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Also, I was all excited to send in my tax returns today, but TurboTax is now telling me that the CRA isn't letting them netfile anything until the end of the month due to a bunch of last minute changes they want made to the software. I certainly hope said changes result in me getting a bigger refund. :|

I just want to accomplish things. q_q
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This article lays out exactly how I've felt about the internet for years, and why I'm wishing, hoping, begging that we can rebuild a more human internet through sites like Pillowfort and Dreamwidth.

I am thinking about that phrase, “living on the internet.” It was certainly how I felt that year, and for many years after it. I never felt quite at ease in the real world, and I never got over my first alienation from Harvard—where I ended up in the same dorm as Mark Zuckerberg, though less profitably and not at the same time—but none of that mattered so much, because online I could live an actual life. The internet of 1995 and 1999 and 2001 and even 2007 was a backwater by today’s standards, but to me, it was the most wonderful thing. It was strange and silly and experimental and constantly surprising, and it made you feel good about other people, because online, away from corporate media and every channel of established culture, other people turned out to be constantly surprising too. They translated Anglo-Saxon poetry and posted photographs of Victorian ghosts and told you, to your eternal benefit, about what it was like to be someone other than yourself (in my case, to be a woman, to be a person of color). They wrote fascinating, charismatic diaries. And all of this, this faster, weirder, more forgiving universe, was right there, at your fingertips, for free. This sounds like nostalgia, but it was how I really felt at the time. We were making this thing together.

The fact that I cannot remember the last time the internet made me feel, on balance, less anxious and better about other people tells you something about how much has changed online since 1999, 2001, and even 2007.

-- Read the whole thing.

Sustainability Sunday? Infrastructure

Feb. 17th, 2019 06:20 pm
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I had been sort of planning to write about infrastructure today, in part because of this near-disaster in my neck of the woods last week and in part because infrastructure figures in my dissertation. But I'm having screen-induced headaches and overall feeling super blah (I wonder if I've been slowly catching a cold over the last few days?), so I'm just going to leave this here.

+ infrastructure facilitates the movement of people, goods, and ideas
+ infrastructure, if it's operating as intended, makes us overlook its existence
+ (that is: when you turn on a light switch, how much thought do you give to the miles of wire connecting you to the substation, the combustion chamber, the fossil fuel mine and processing, and the labor required at every stage in order to bring you light? probably not much)
+ which leads to us taking infrastructure for granted
+ which leads to prioritizing seemingly more "urgent" funding needs
+ which means that when infrastructure fails, it fails *catastrophically*
+ as a corollary: infrastructure makes it very, very easily to live unsustainably, by allowing us to overlook the environmental and social damage caused by the practices that infrastructure facilitates: electrical infrastructure promotes the use and overuse of fossil fuels, road infrastructure promotes the overuse of cars/petroleum and de-emphasizes mass transit options. OTOH, different kinds of infrastructure can be deployed to make much more sustainable practices become automatic and second nature. Feed the grid with solar. Instead of repairing the road, replace it with a light rail. Etc.

Also: I think kitty has found a couple of pro-kidney food flavors that she's willing to eat! *twirls*
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I bought Sims 4 back in 2017ish but haven't really played it much over the last couple of years. I have slowly accumulated almost all of the expansions as well as a pretty good stockpile of custom content for it, in preparation to play, but never got around to actually playing.

Tonight I actually made an attempt to play, only to learn that my computer can't handle playing the game with custom content.

Noooooo T_T

I got into the habit of hoarding custom content back in Sims 2, and I . . . pretty much can't play without it now. Or, I can, but it's nowhere near as satisfying.

My computer is pretty old, though. Like, I think I bought it in 2010 or 2011. It might . . . just be time to upgrade.

So, yet another thing to add to my "things to buy/save up for once my debts are cleared" pile: a proper gaming PC. :P
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S2E19: One False Step

AKA The One With The Fungus People

AKA Oh No This Episode

I remember liking this one, mostly because it showcased Daniel at his most adorably frustrated. I also remember that the costumes and make-up for the fungus people were fairly awful. Will it hold up? Let’s find out.

oh noooooo )

3/5 boonie hats for a mostly fun and creative episode with some nice jack/daniel interaction, but dear god.

Snow :/

Feb. 14th, 2019 09:57 am
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Snow is melting!

This morning on my way from the poorly-cleared drop-off point to the bus, I slipped and nearly fell on some wet-looking ice.

The transit system is slowly becoming unfucked. As the streets de-ice, they're repairing the buses that have been damaged by their own tire chains.

As I told Toronto Ponytail this morning downstairs, it's not specifically that the snow was that bad, it's that the snow was that bad for the infrastructure we have. Nobody* has shovels, there aren't enough snowplows, and he agreed that it's actually entirely sensible for people to assume they're not going anywhere for a week and to shop accordingly. Especially when the store's incoming deliveries are going to be disrupted too.

This climate stuff. It just isn't natural.

* People who have lived here through the last big snow probably have shovels, unless their evil ex took them on the way out. Cough, glare, spit.

** Climate change deniers will be vaccinated and fed to starving polar bears.


Feb. 10th, 2019 10:31 pm
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It has been very snowy. It has also been warm. What does that mean? Ice. So much ice. That means: ice chipping. ouch. My right arm. My right arm is not working right for the rest of the evening. I am dictating this via the phone.
There were not any flat shovels left at home Depot. There were, however, other shovels, and rakes, and implements of destruction.
Before the home Depot run, I was using the pizza peel to shovel the sidewalk. I am proud of my ingenuity.
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life update )

Anyway, let's knock out a quick Sustainability Sunday, so at least I can keep up with one of my self-imposed weekly series.

This week I'm going to blather about something I do that is not the most sustainable choice in my current city, but was great where I used to live: municipal composting.

When I lived in Iceland, my town collected every bit of organic waste for composting, including things like meat bones, tea bags, and paper towels, that shouldn't go in your backyard compost. Every dwelling was issued a breathable compost bucket (or maybe my landlady bought it, not sure) for use with biodegradablecompostable corn bags sold at the grocery store, which I'd fill and then put in a small bin that rested inside the large garbage bin out back for collection day. I assume the compost eventually made its way into the flower beds and grassy spaces around town, or perhaps to farmers in the wider region.

I loved it; it was really easy to do; and it really reduces the smell. My mom used to keep compost in a plastic container by the sink, and the difference in smell is palpable between that airtight environment and the breathable biobag and bucket.

My big US city doesn't municipally compost (I wish; can you imagine??). I live in an apartment, so even if I wanted to, I'm sure it's illegal to compost on the fire escape or in the alley. There are local collectives that you can join for composting, but most of them are neither cost-effective nor time-effective for a household of 1. I was planning to join one anyway, but then the green-friendly shop that had been running the program went out of business. :/

Nonetheless, I'm still keeping the same household practices that I developed in Iceland. I ordered a biobag bin and some bags, and I put all my organics in it .. before the bag goes straight into the trash can. So, in effect, I've bought an unnecessary plastic thing and am actually adding to the amount that goes in the landfill by way of biodegradable corn bags. But it keeps my kitchen cleaner and less smelly than putting food scraps directly in the trash -- especially with kitty(ies) that don't always finish their wet food. And since it isn't actually going to compost, I feel no guilt at using it for any kind of wet, gross, or smelly trash.

So I can't really recommend this method of composting unless you're lucky enough to live in a place that municipally supports it, but I DO recommend it for improved kitchen hygiene.

2018 Read List

Dec. 31st, 2018 11:39 pm
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Legend: bold means I've read it already, Italics means I'm working on it, and normal text means it's a potential. * means I've read it before. Previously read books/reviews are in the 'read lists' tag.Suggestions and commentary welcome )

Administratively frustrated

Feb. 9th, 2019 10:06 pm
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I've been legitimately excited to do my taxes since basically the start of this month because the size of my tax refund will determine exactly how much longer I'll be in debt. If it's as big as last year's refund, that'll knock out all the rest of my debt entirely and leave me with a little extra fun money. If it's even half as good as last year, I'll likely only be in debt for another month or two. If there's not much of a refund to speak of at all, it'll be maybe 3 - 4 more months. 5 at the most. Considering I've been in varying levels of debt for fifteen years, the idea of knocking out the last few thousand as fast as possible is pretty damned sexy, so I really, really want to get all the paperwork finished up ASAP so I know where I stand.

I have basically all the paperwork I need now: my slips from work, from my RRSP, from the Student Loan Service Centre. I've bought the tax software and I'm ready to go . . .

But the CRA (Canada's IRS) is not ready. And they have one little piece of info I need. And I can't get it until Monday at the earliest.

And I can't file electronically until the next Monday, so while my tax software will be able to give me a likely-accurate estimate, I won't be able to get things in motion until the 18th.

A tiny anime girl flails her arms in uncontrollable frustration, accurately illustrating my emotional state.

It's, like, the most minor of problems. But I want to get this done now. q_q

dammit, chaos

Feb. 9th, 2019 12:09 pm
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He thought he saw an Elephant, that practised on a fife:

For a split second I saw a twelve-pound blue-eyed white cat crouched by the kitchen doorway.

He looked again, and found it was a letter from his wife.

Just the bag of kitchen trash that I've not taken out yet.

"At length I realise," he said, "the bitterness of Life!"

Sometimes it takes awhile, I guess.

... get up seven

Feb. 9th, 2019 11:33 am
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I may be starting to recover.

In late October I went into "head down Do The Thing" mode, which is my standard response to stress. I knew I was doing it at the time and decided it was worth it to keep functioning, because there was an end date in sight. That end date has been further away than anticipated by several weeks at least. But I know it's there now.

I've got a little over a third of my books onto the bookshelves, and I already feel substantially better than I did this morning. Living among boxes is a huge source of stress for me, it turns out. I do a lot better when ... hm. I think it's "when my environment is uncluttered." When things have a place and are mostly in it. And, among other stressors, I've not really had that since I packed up half my stuff in October to show the condo.

I'm starting to feel like me again, is I guess what I'm saying.

Additional source of stress relief: the money from the condo sale has gone through. That is, I can see the deposit transaction in my account record, but I can't actually access the money yet. I don't require it for another week and a half, though, so that's most likely alright.

This is not precisely "no longer worried about money" but it does put me back in the situation I was in, mm, a little over a year ago, when I was thinking about moving back into the condo. I have enough of a cushion that I can wait and see how my current financial situation actually shakes out and where I need to do some belt-tightening. This is way better for my mental state than "i am very nearly at the end of my liquid savings." Very curious to see how my expenses shake out during my monthly Vancouver weeks, and what if anything I'll need to change around that.

moving on in

Feb. 7th, 2019 08:43 pm
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Well. The kitchen's mostly in order. I've decided on a bookshelf arrangement (Erin suggested, and I moved bookcases into position and grumped, and slept on it and decided it was probably the best option): along one wall in the living room, then turning a corner and extending back-to-back to create a partition between the living room and the dining room. Gives me a booknook, which I like; gives me space to put up all my games facing the dining-room table, where they're most likely to get any use; gives me a wall to put the couch against. Unsure where the comfy chair is going, but I'll figure it out. My only complaint is the blocking of sight-lines from the dining room to the living room and to the big window with a view of the lake. Oh well; can't have everything.

The games are, as of tonight, on their shelves, which helps it start to feel like a home, to the extent that a place does. The living room is now only half piled in white boxes, which also helps. Tomorrow evening or Saturday will be books, and then the office, and then I guess I'll be moved in.

So far it's alright. That is: it's somewhat drafty and expensive to heat, and I need a rug or two. I miss the condo kitchen, at least on the occasions when it had a functional dishwasher. I don't know how the office will work out and I need to fiddle with the heat in the bedroom.

It'll do. As I said earlier today, if I'm still here after, say, eighteen months, something has gone Very Wrong Indeed.

KonMarie vs. Me

Feb. 6th, 2019 12:59 pm
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Once upon a time, I was a wee Smol growing up in the suburbs of Alaska. I had a mother and father and sibling, with some poultry in the yard and a small vegetable garden. (People who claim this constitutes "a farm" are probably unfamiliar with the entire concept.)

Long after I grew up and left home, my father got a diagnosis and treatment for the energetically self-loathing bouts of depression, exacerbated by the 4 hours of daylight in the dead of winter. "Finally!" was the siblings' verdict.

During those years before I was able to to flee the cold dark scary bits for some brighter future, there were two of my dad's hobbies that are suddenly becoming relevant.

I mentioned that it was energetic depression, or something like that. As a fun self-harm tactic that involved the whole family, wow, that became a more graphic description than I had intended. )

Usually he regretted it afterwards, but regret didn't change any of his actions, remove any of the trauma, or restore anything he had destroyed. It was rarely cheap to replace.

When KonMarie first started going around, I was wary. Then one of the "funny" quotes surfaced, that her siblings had been angry with her for throwing away their stuff. That was enough for me.

I'm unlikely to be engaging with KonMarie in a positive light, even though the aspect of facing up to one's possessions and interrogating one's reasons for keeping it and one's unlikely to be realized aspirations is important emotional as well as physical work. The fact of Marie's history of a less-violent version of this aspect of my father's abuse will forever taint her as a person to me.
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